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The Real Urban Forest — Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits of Trees in the City


Pop quiz. What’s more important to a community’s quality of life — the built infrastructure of buildings and streets, or the green infrastructure of trees, shrubs, and plants? You could argue it either way, but there’s no denying the role trees in particular play in a city. From softening the aesthetics of development to cooling streets and buildings to filtering air pollution, trees make everything better. Let’s dive into the economic, environmental, and social benefits of trees in the city. Economic Benefits

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Never Skip Staging — Tips from a San Francisco Real Estate Insider


Anecdotal evidence and hard stats are clear — staging a home absolutely helps it sell faster. And by staging, I don’t mean cookies in the oven and a few extra throw pillows here and there. True home staging is its own kind of art, transforming your home into a tasteful, inviting space that’s full of potential for anyone who walks in the door. After 25 years selling homes in San Francisco, I’ve had the good fortune of working with professional stagers who know

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The Week of September 22 is the Best Time to Buy a House


Here’s a wild statistic. It turns out that the week of September 22 — this very week right here — is the best time to buy a new home in the United States. That’s according to information released from that shows 41 out of 53 U.S. markets show more inventory and less competition over this seven-day stretch. Interesting, no? The Nitty Gritty I wrote about seasonality recently, and there’s nothing new about the notion that people tend to list and buy

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Change Afoot in Seven San Francisco Neighborhoods


Anyone with a passing familiarity of San Francisco knows it’s one of the priciest markets in the country. The tech boom following the Great Recession, paired with a limited housing market, created an imbalance that’s only getting worse. One of the hallmarks of San Francisco is the tangle of red tape and restrictive zoning laws and political hurdles in place to preserve local character. But it’s fair to say this has come at the expense of locals themselves, who are

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Recession Obsession – What Does it Mean for Real Estate?


Unless you live under a rock, it’s hard to avoid the dire warnings about an impending recession. Dedicating an entire blog post feels like adding a little fuel to the fire, but clarification and perspective are always useful. So if the idea of a recession makes you anxious, especially in terms of real estate, stop, breathe, and read on. The Definition of Recession A recession, by definition, is a period of temporary economic decline spanning at least two quarters. Trade and

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