Sunset Boulevard Greenway Project

Sewer Improvement Project

Thanks SFPUC for the photo!


Happy Earth Day! A trend is forming in San Francisco.

Originating in the Outer Mission and approved in The Castro, The Sunset District has secured resident’s support of San Francisco Public Utilities Company’s storm water improvement project. Both SFPUC and local property values will benefit from the funding allotted to the improvement of sidewalk landscapes.

To conquer “Greening” the environment, the beautification and storm control of The Sunset neighborhood began in early April. Initiative leader Supervisor Katy Tang of District 4 has mobilized over 40 volunteers, Front Yard Ambassadors, to accomplish the goals of the Sunset Boulevard Greenway project.

Community residents are helping to not only “Green” their yards but are also supporting the environment. Partners Friends of the Urban Forest and the Surfrider Foundation are advising the project. Steering the selection of drought resistant and native plants, the project aims to reduce rain flow into the delicate and aging sewer system, while also beautifying the neighborhood. By replacing concrete slabs with gardens, lovely succulents and low maintenance vegetation drain excess water away from the sewer system. These natural and silent champions are the key to supervisors Katy Tang and SFPUC’s mission.

“Helping San Francisco Residents manage storm water on-site is just one of the many approaches that the SFPUC System is taking on as part of its Sewer System Improvement Program.” Rachel Kraai SFPUC

The Sunset District’s natural environment lends itself very well to the success of this program. Full-scale design and construction are set for completion in Summer 2015. Best of luck with your efforts and thanks for making the city and planet more eco-friendly!

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Front Yard Ambassadors

Help our Front Yard Ambassadors!

Thank you SFPUC Sewer System Communications Team for the photos!

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 Watch the first planting design video, HERE!









Thanks for the video Front Yard Ambassadors Program and San Francisco Public Utilities Company for the great information resources!

Sunset Front Yard Ambassadors Program Video


Sunday Streets has sprung!

Sunday Streets!

Sunday Streets 2014!

The days are getting longer and the fabulous San Francisco tradition of Sunday Streets is back in action. Since 2008, Sunday Streets has encouraged residents to enjoy the beautiful city outdoors! Originated in Bogotá, Colombia as “Ciclovía,” a day of free, healthy activities, Sunday Streets intends to promote community in public streets.

New Friends!

New Friends!

Yoga on Embarcadero!

Yoga on Embarcadero!

The event website has this statement to share. “Sunday Streets are events that encourage recreation, community activities and fun in San Francisco. Sunday Streets closes stretches of city streets to automobile traffic, and opens them to people for several hours on a various Sundays throughout the year, so participants can enjoy a large, temporary, public space where they can bike, walk, run, dance, do yoga, or do any other physical activity. Non-profit and health organizations offer free activities and share information about their services during the event.”

Gather by Ocean Beach!

Gather by Ocean Beach!

Explore a new neighborhood, meet potential clients, neighbors and friends as an event volunteer. It’s great for the whole family with parents permission, anyone can participate after a short training course. Are you a community leader? Sponsor a booth or an activity. For more information, please contact

Do you love Sunday Streets? Contribute to their great work! To read more news on Sunday Streets, check here.

I look forward to seeing you there! Happy Sunday Fun Day!

Bike 2 & 4 fun!

Bike 2 fun!

All ages together!


Folks fill the street!

Folks fill the street!

Thank you for the beautiful images! Enjoy!!

     2014 Sunday Street Schedule

4/13 Tenderloin

5/4  Bayview/Dogpatch

6/8  Great Highway

7/13 Richmond

8/24 Mission

9/14 Western Addition

9/28  Excelsior

10/26 Mission


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Who wants to Conga?

Who wants to Conga?

Music near Golden Gate Park!

Music near Alamo Square Park!

A lovely ride for a lovely lady in red!

A lovely ride for a lovely lady in red!


San Francisco Secret Spaces

Rooftop Reverie

Rooftop Reverie

San Francisco is a very special place. Right now, some think  it’s the epicenter of the universe. The Titans of Tech, the heart of artistic culture and Karl the fog (our weather is now a mascot!) reside here, working and playing hard. But we all need a break…

The folks at SPUR have shared their local real estate expertise in a cell phone application titled, SPUR Secret Spaces & Hidden Oases to showcase destinations for revitalization. The best part, all are open to the public!

I have narrowed to my top 5. Enjoy!

1. Rooftop Reprieves at The Crocker Galleria on 50 Post St. @ Montgomery St. This breath of fresh air location boasts 2 Rooftop Sun Terraces. Complete with lovely benches, flowering trellis’ and a working foundation, this quiet open space has lived up to its name since its construction in 1982. With easy access to restaurants & restrooms, Rooftop Reprieves receives a stamp of excellence!

2. Standing Among Giants at TransAmerica Redwood Park on 600 Montgomery St. @ Clay St. This iconic oasis lives up to it’s fame.

TransAmerica Redwood Park

TransAmerica Redwood Park

Resting beneath the shadow of this towering skyscraper, an Urban Park accessorized with massive Redwood trees, grass, wooden benches and a stage, takes my first prize for best of the best. Nearby restaurants have cooked lunch for the voyeur of these gentle Redwood giants since 1973.

Moroccan Bliss!

Moroccan Bliss!

3. A Moroccan Plaza at Citicorp Center Building on 1 Samsome St. @ Sutter St. This remarkable architectural accomplishment has provided San Francisco with a glass enclosed roof, supported by 2-story arches of white marble since 1912. A visitor is sure to have a few moments of holiday bliss as palm trees accent this quaint cafe scene. Drift amongst the true show stoppers, an art deco bronze sculpture and marble fountain centerpiece. Sit back, relax and enjoy the tables and chairs free for visitors use since 1983.

4. Up in The Clouds on 343 Sansome St. @ Sacramento St. This split location shares 2 open spaces with the public. Savor the sun and the view from the 15th floor terrace.

15th Floor Terrace

15th Floor Terrace

Travel to the adjacent mall for easy food service. Bring lunch back over and appreciate the olive trees and flower bed planters. This special space has been gifting benches, moveable chairs and tables since 1990.

5. Power Lunch Greenhouse on 101 2nd St. In 2000, contemporary minimalism invited an expansive, glass-enclosed designer cafe to SOMA.

Modern Greenhouse eatery

Power Lunch Greenhouse

Bath in sunlight and pull up a chair or a bench to watch daily noon-time entertainment. Delight in the contrasting white marble and black granite decor that frame an over-sized painting and sculpture. What are your favorite San Francisco spaces?

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Inventory is low, it’s no joke!

7dayMLSComparisona Chart3Weekly, I pull the numbers. and currently our San Francisco inventory is at a lower point than even last year at this time! With low interest rates and low inventory,  if you or someone you know are considering selling, this could be a great opportunity! Let me know if you would like to discuss your options.


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A typical email day in the life of an agent …

On Feb 25, 2014, at 12:04 PM, Monika Assistant wrote:


My name is Monika and I work for a real estate investment group, and we are investors and developers.

We are currently building several new houses in the Peninsula, and doing rehab projects in Alameda, San Jose and Burlingame, and acquiring more properties.

We are looking for properties throughout the Bay Area that meet the following criteria:

1. Not on MLS. This is critical, as it is the group’s agreement, and my job to find.

2. Residental properties meeting one of the following criteria:

a. For a rehab or flip, a profit potential of $100K net, regardless of purchase price, up to $1.5M

b. For new construction, resale equal to 1.5 times the cost of land plus construction, using $200/sf+$50K as construction cost estimate For example, if we were to buy a teardown house or vacant lot for $1 million, and build a 3000 sf house on it, the total cost would be $1.65M. $1 million for the lot, and the construction would be 3000 sf at $200 per sf, equalling $600K, plus $50K for permits, etc. We would then need to estimate a resale price of $2,475,000 (1.5 times the $1.65M cost) or higher to do the deal.

All of our projects meet this criteria. We are primarily interested in building SFRs, but will consider other projects – below $5M acquisition cost.

Most of our building has been high end residential homes in the Peninsula. Our rehab projects have been in all Bay Area counties.

We are NOT real estate agents, and any property you help us obtain, will be relisted with you after our project is completed.

If you have, or know of, any current or upcoming projects that fulfill this criteria, please advise ASAP.

If you do not now, but may in the future, please keep this e-mail for the future.

Thank you,


On Feb 25, 2014, at 12:15 PM, Meredith Martin wrote:


You’re in good company.  I would require knowing who you are, where your money is coming from, and have a rock solid Buyer agreement before I would consider sharing that information.  It’s a very competitive market for off market sales…

Call if my terms are acceptable.

Meredith Martin