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Yes, Mission Bay Has Arrived


Neighborhoods in San Francisco have varying reputations, and Mission Bay is no different. Blame it on the disjointed expression of thousands of new homes and businesses springing up in accordance with a 1998 master plan. But somewhere over the past twelve months, people have taken over where planners left off. And between the spanking new Golden State Warriors arena and, just as importantly, an influx of fine-grained development like restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, this corner of San Francisco is

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5 Signs of a Good San Francisco Realtor (And 3 Red Flags)


No doubt the San Francisco real estate prices can be daunting, but if you’re looking to break into the San Francisco housing market, an experienced real estate agent is the best way to help you navigate the terrain. Not only will you benefit from an insider’s edge on new listings, you can be helped exponentially from their experience for what works and what may not. As you start considering your options, here are five signs of a good San Francisco real estate agent

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Buying, Then Selling in San Francisco? You May Need a Bridge Loan


Between 2017 and 2018, I represented four separate clients who needed to buy new homes before they could move out, stage, and sell their existing homes. It’s an order of operation that often creates complications, and the bridge loan was created specifically to ease the inherent complexity. If you’re planning to buy, then sell in San Francisco, you should understand more about how the bridge loan works. What’s a Bridge Loan? A bridge loan is aptly titled — it’s a short-term loan

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Five Essential Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in San Francisco


The San Francisco real estate market is known the world over for its sky-high prices and stiff competition, with the median price for a home in San Francisco in August of this year at $1.6 million. Still, the city is in the midst of a building frenzy, with new condos, townhouses, and other kinds of multi-family developments in the works. If you dream of living in the city by the bay, here are five essential tips for first-time home buyers

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The San Francisco Real Market — Where the Only Certainty is Uncertainty


A lot of time and energy is spent dissecting real estate markets around the country, and that’s particularly true here in San Francisco. Between the national media breathlessly updating the world on the city’s admittedly staggering cost of living or its latest IPOs, and locals just trying to make sense of a market that’s unlike anywhere else, it’s easy to feel a little lost. A recent article in the Examiner hit the nail perfectly on the head when it comes to real estate in

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