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Market Seasonality in San Francisco

Seasonality is a big topic in the real estate world. And it makes sense. According to Investopedia, the time of year can impact home sales by as much as 10%. But in a smoking hot market like San Francisco, does seasonality even matter? You better believe it! And the Big Month Is… Spring is the biggest overall selling season in San Francisco, but the single month with the highest number of new listings in the City by the Bay is

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3 Tips for Buying Real Estate in San Francisco


San Francisco is one of those enchanting corners of the world that draws visitors and residents alike. If you’ve ever been, you get it. The city’s endless charms make it a highly desirable place to live. So for all you wannabe-locals, here are three tips for buying real estate in San Francisco. Need to Know A few quick, useful facts about the city: It’s the second most expensive in the country, which is likely why it ranks third in the country

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Do You Make Enough to Rent in San Francisco?


Here’s a bleak truth. Homeownership is growing farther out of reach for many Americans, particularly young adults, which means the number of renters is steadily increasing. It’s putting a strain on markets around the country, and prices are ticking skyward as a result. Rent affordability is a hot topic these days, and that’s no exception in San Francisco. The City by the Bay ranked among the top 100 cities with the biggest gap between actual median income and income needed

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27 Easy Steps to a Healthier Home

A home is a huge investment, here in San Francisco or anywhere. But beyond the money, it’s where we spend a good chunk of our time. That’s one of the reasons it should be a place filled with love and laughter. Ideally, a home should also pull double duty as a healthy home base. Our very own David Feldman from Compass Philadelphia put together quite the list for making your home just that. From best practices to simple swaps, here

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Why San Francisco’s Rent Control Doesn’t Actually Work


Many of the residential tenants in San Francisco are covered by rent control, a system that caps rent increases and limits evictions for “just causes.” On the surface, rent control seems like a smart way to ensure that landlords don’t take advantage of tenants. But from an economist’s standpoint, rent control actually puts the very people it’s intended to help at a serious disadvantage. Here’s why San Francisco’s rent control doesn’t actually work. Rent Control 101 Among economists, the ineffectiveness of rent control

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