Major Eviction Defense Legislation Hits Board Tomorrow

From today’s BeyondChron,

The next front in the battle against evictions will open up tomorrow, as Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s legislation to limit the use of the Ellis Act and other no-fault evictions comes before the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee. Currently, all buildings where a no-fault eviction occurred remain eligible for conversion into condominiums. Peskin’s legislation aims to change that by prohibiting any sites where multiple evictions or the eviction of a senior, disabled or catastrophically ill person occurred from ever entering the city’s lottery for condo conversion. With victory a strong likelihood at the Board, the real question remains whether or not Mayor Gavin Newsom will veto it – and, if he does, how its probable appearance on this November’s ballot would affect his public image.

Uhhhh…. Of course he’ll veto it! This is ass-backwards legislation at its FINEST!

What Mr. Mills from BeyondChron decides not to mention is that this legislation will be retroactive to 1999. Yes, that’s right. All of the TIC owners who bought their units when all of this was above-board and fair will now be retroactively slapped with this little bit of news.

Never mind that Peskin just MIGHT have gotten this one through if it was effective, for example, on the day prior to the vote (to prevent a huge spate of Ellis filings). Never mind that this one won’t possibly make it through the courts (just like every other piece of crap that Daly and Peskin have come up with during their terms in the funhouse).

This one is just plain nonsense.

The goal is clear, but the method is flawed and without legal grounds. We’re talking about THOUSANDS of units that were bought and occupied legally and following all applicable laws, including many laws passed by these very supervisors that are now going to be dramatically affected.

Create viable legislation to stop future evictions? Perhaps. Screw homeowners when there’s nothing they can do about it? Not a chance in hell.


For anyone who owns a TIC, who might potentially buy a home in San Francisco in the future, or anyone who just plain cares about common sense, there’s a rally tomorrow (Wednesday) at City Hall prior to this vote at 1pm. As ridiculous as this legislation might appear, there’s no guarantee that it won’t pass with the court jesters/supervisors, and that will require Mayor Newsom to veto yet another tenant/homeowner bill.

That’s just not right. Is this really looking out for tenants, or just another attempt to discredit the mayor?

Rally for Homeownership – Wednesday, April 26th [SFSOS]
Land Use Committee meeting, Wednesday, Apr. 26, at City Hall, 1:00 pm [SPOSF]


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