Bubble Trouble? What to make of all the real estate trend news

This week’s Surreal Estate column on SFGate discusses (from a homeowner’s perspective) the deluge of information available on whether the market is strong or if there’s a pending apocalypse,

It’s springtime and real estate analysts are busy crunching numbers and spitting out prognostications at terrific speed. Open the paper or switch on the TV news or a radio talk show, and chances are you’re going to encounter something about the real estate market and its recent downturn.

Some economists — typically, those who have staked their professional reputations on being dark-horse skeptics — are predicting nothing short of a global economic apocalypse. Others — often those on the take from the real estate industry — scoff at such dire visions. Don’t listen to the doomsayers, they say, “we’re in for a soft landing.”

But how these perspectives affect the average gal with a mortgage or the ordinary dude with a dream of buying his own house is anything but clear. So who do you listen to, and what does it all mean? [more…]

Don’t Hold Your Breath [NYT]


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