Doublespeak With Forked Tongue

From Matt Smith in this week’s SF Weekly,

Rarely does testimony at official City Hall gatherings meet high literary standards of eloquence and pith.

But then few forums want so badly for such qualities as a Board of Supervisors committee hearing, such as the one last week where politicians spent the better part of an hour engaging in surreal doublespeak in order to bad-mouth the nonprofit builder Mission Housing Development Corp.

Supervisor, you can put that forked tongue back in your mouth,” said Mission Housing’s director of resident services Damon Harris, after Supervisor Chris Daly interrupted him during a public comment. In keeping with the truth-avoidance tenor of the proceedings, Harris’ microphone was immediately turned off.

Harris was referring to a two-year-old political dispute, in which Daly has sought payback against a nonprofit housing developer for being more interested in housing than Daly’s personal brand of politics.

Daly has worked to punish Mission Housing directors ever since they acted four years ago to stop what they saw as improper diversion of tax money away from building and managing low-income apartments, and toward supporting Daly’s favorite partisan political causes.

Daly has absurdly characterized this crusade as a case of sound public stewardship. That’s no surprise. Daly speaks from a private semantic universe when characterizing his own actions.

Yet outrageously, the mayor, the city controller, and other supervisors have aided Daly in this whitewash. [more…]

My only question here: why would a Supervisor who looks out for his constituents want to fight with a NON-PROFIT housing developer?


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  1. Uh, Matt — don’t you think you’re quoting other sources a little too much here? I mean, you quote so much from these other articles, you might as well be outright stealing them.

    When you put so much of another person’s writing into your blog — even if it is a blockquote — you’re pretty much plagarizing. Aren’t you basically lifting large amounts of copyrighted work and re-publishing it almost wholly in your blog?

    That doesn’t seem right to me.

    Anonymous at May 26th, 2006 at 11:09 pm ( )
  2. I’m providing a source of real estate information. Some of it is news aggregation, other is commentary. Nobody has ever asked me to remove anything that I have reposted or linked, and you are the first person to suggest that helping people find information about a particular topic might be a bad thing.

    Should I just tell all of my readers that since you find it somehow ‘not right’ that I will now make them search for their own San Francisco Real Estate news?

    Besides, it would only be ‘outright stealing’ if I wasn’t attributing everything back to the original source, including direct links where available.

    Additionally, this blog is ultimately non-commercial. I am a Realtor and my livelihood depends on my clients, but I do not profit from this blog. I do not run ads, post my own listings, or discuss my business on this blog. This is purely a labor of love (even with the endless harassment from folks like yourself).

    I just want to help my friends, clients, and people who want to own homes in San Francisco do so with a little bit more information than they did before I came along.

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S. Perhaps you should ask Matt Smith or the Weekly if they mind hundreds of readers per day seeing a portion of their article on my blog, and linking back to THEIR site for the full story… I doubt you’ll hear them complaining about the free traffic.

    Matt Lanning at May 26th, 2006 at 11:24 pm ( )

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