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The inefficient 'housing element'

Carol Lloyd discusses the issues surrounding building housing in the Bay Area in this week’s Surreal Estate,

The real issue, of course, is that cities don’t actually build housing — developers do. That means cities need to incentivize builders to fulfill their plans, which is easier said than done when it comes to low-income housing. “In the end, there’s not that much money for low-income housing,” Schwob explained. “We can make land available, but building affordable housing is very expensive.”

But I know one planner-turned-developer who still feels cities could take their legal obligation to the housing element more seriously. He regards many of the government promises about new housing as so much hot air. “It’s all BS,” he told me, adding that recently a San Francisco city planner told him the city is meeting only 40 percent of its current needs. “Hardly any of the cities actually fulfill their plan.” [more…]

The inefficient ‘housing element’ is better than nothing when it comes to creating affordable housing [SFGate]


SFist interviews Rob Black, candidate for D6 Supervisor

As they have been doing, SFist is interviewing candidates for District 6 supervisor… Those that will run against Chris Daly in November. Today’s interview is with Rob Black, my personal favorite for the election,

What do you think are the biggest problems facing District 6 today?
Straight up – quality of life. From all corners of the district, residents tell me that District 6 is dirty and dangerous. District 6 has less open space and recreation and park facilities than any other district in the City. The City is planning on building about 10,000 new units of housing in the District, and those units need to come with more green space. Lots more.

And while we’re on the topic of housing, District 6 needs more middle income housing units. My district has a housing supply shaped like an hour glass – lots of housing at the high and the low ends, but nothing in the middle. To keep District 6 healthy and vibrant, it needs more housing that is affordable to middle and lower middle income folks. [more…]

There’s actually a fundraiser for Rob tonight at Le Duplex (1525 Mission Street) from 7pm till 9pm, just prior to the San Francisco Magazine Awards After-Party. Entry fee is $50-$75 and all proceeds go to Rob’s campaign. Food and drink will be served during the fundraiser. Come out and meet Rob, and enjoy a bit of a party…

He’s got a great chance of defeating Daly in November. Look him up and find out more about him. I think that you’ll agree (unless you’re a rabid Daly supporter) that this is the guy who will lead D6 into better times for people at all income levels, especially the under-served middle class.

Rob Black for Supervisor 2006 [official site]
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Below Market Rate Units at Broderick Place available

Saw this first on Craigslist, then did a little more research…

Appears that a non-profit real estate broker called Homebricks is handling the sale of the eight below market rate units at Broderick Place (Broderick at Fell/Oak in the Panhandle).

HomeBricks will hold an Information Workshop on the application and purchase process for Broderick Place on Saturday, July 8th at 12 pm at the African American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco (762 Fulton St #300 – Hall of Culture). Light lunch will be served.

To attend, you must R.S.V.P. by calling (415) 738-7925 or emailing In your message, please state your full name and the number of people with whom you plan to attend.

CalHFA updates income limits on affordable housing [SFHomeBlog]
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New Community Benefit Districts Spark Controversy

From today’s BeyondChron,

Two new Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) located in the Fillmore and Mid-Market neighborhoods moved forward yesterday, but only after enduring unusually contentious hearings that raised questions about their formation process. CBDs, which levy a tax on property owners, then direct the revenue towards improvements in the community, have until this point represented rare instances of broad consensus in often fractious neighborhoods. It appears that neither the Fillmore or Mid-Market CBDs will be sailing such calm waters, however, as accusations of trying to rush both proposals at the expense of adequate community outreach were leveled at the CBD organizers yesterday. The next obstacle for the CBDs comes today, when the full Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to allow these districts to take the next step towards formation.

In order to be formed, CBDs must first prove that 30 percent of property owners in the area are interested in the idea. The Board of Supervisors must then authorize an election to take place in the community, the result of which will determine whether the CBD will move forward or not. [more…]

Two SF Neighborhoods elect to tax themselves [SFHomeBlog]


Have we finally seen a bubble burst… With the 'bubble' bloggers?

Jonathan Miller’s Matrix covers a growing list of ‘bubble’ blogs that have simultaneously run out of things to blog about, and have gone silent…

Does this mean that they have found little merit in their topic, or just that people have stopped caring about their once-endless rants?

Bubble Redux: More Housing Bubble Blogs Crash, No Soft Landing [Matrix]