Temporary threat to parking in the Upper Haight – Meeting 11/30

Thanks to Metroblogging for catching this…

It appears that while construction is going on at John Adams Community College on Masonic/Hayes, they are looking to relocate students and faculty to DeAvila Elementary on Haight (b/t Masonic and Central).

Problem is, they have no parking available for the 2000+ students and 150 faculty.

They’d like all of the kind folks who drive to school to continue to park over at Masonic/Hayes and walk or take a shuttle, but that’s pretty unrealistic.

In any event, there’s a public meeting on this topic on Thursday, November 30th at DeAvila Elementary (1351 Haight @ Masonic) at 7pm.

And from the Haight Ashbury Beat,

Previously, City College had hoped to temporarily move into the Newcomer High School building in Pacific Heights, but the plan was rejected after a neighborhood group howled about potential traffic and parking problems. Additional plans for occupying Laguna Hills High School also fell through.
“If we didn’t have DeAvila I don’t know what we would do,” said Linda Squires Grohe, dean of City College’s John Adams campus.

According to Grohe, the parking issue is minimal since over 70 percent of students who attend the John Adams campus take public transportation. City College also plans on keeping the parking lots north of the Panhandle open to students. [more…]

There’s obviously a strong NIMBY-ism to all of this, but at the same time, people’s daily lives will be heavily impacted. I live near John Adams, so I guess the streets around my house will get a temporary respite…

Apparently, according to the Haight Ashbury Beat, the district intends to lease the DeAvila building to City College through the 2007-2008 school year.

Thurs. Haight Hearing to Determine Parking Future [MetrobloggingSF]
City College readies to rent DeAvila School building [Haight Ashbury Beat]


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I encourage everyone to come out and voice their opinions tonight.

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