Live near the Panhandle? Wanna park in the DMV lot?

Looks like yet another push is being made to find a way to open the DMV lot on Broderick between Oak and Fell to parking again during non-business hours. The lot was open in the late-1990s, but due (as always) to too many people not getting their cars out in the morning, they just shut it down. And with that, dozens of nearby residents were forced back onto the streets to find overnight parking. The NOPNA blog has info on

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Most S.F. kids get first choice for public school

Having many clients who are over-anxiously awaiting news of whether their child got into ANY of their chosen schools, it’s good to hear that nearly 70% of kids this year got into their first choice! I know more than one person that said they’d start planning their move out of the city if they didn’t get into an acceptable school (notices are in the mail now and should arrive today or tomorrow). Here’s hoping everyone got what they wished for…

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Time to rethink housing policy: an editorial

Mike Sullivan from Plan C penned an editorial that ran in Thursday’s Examiner, and is re-run on their own site. In it, he questions the need for the condominium lottery, given the dramatically lower incidence of no-fault evictions (see the graph at the left), and the many current laws that make post-eviction condo conversion very difficult, if not impossible. From the Examiner, TICs have been criticized by some who claim that they create incentives for evictions. However, while TIC sales

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Don't be late for Sunday Open Houses… Daylight Savings Time is this weekend!

Just a reminder that we get to ‘spring forward’ at 2am on Sunday morning this weekend, March 11th. You’ve probably been deluged with reminders that you may have a near-Y2K situation on their your hands technology-wise, but I thought I’d throw yet another reminder out as well. I’m just looking forward to possibly having enough time to walk the dog while there’s still some daylight left after work on Sundays again… Get Ready For The Big Time Switch [CBS News]

Planning commission meets about Armory on March 8th

Thanks to Socketsite for catching this one… Looks like the Planning Commission is giving both the NIMBYs and the NITBYs a chance to voice their opinions on the past, present, and future use of the Armory at 14th & Mission. The meeting is on Thursday, March 8th @ 10AM, and the agenda is nothing more than “1800 MISSION STREET – southwest corner of Mission and 14th Street – Informational hearing on the occupancy of the Mission Armory by a film

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