Live near the Panhandle? Wanna park in the DMV lot?

Looks like yet another push is being made to find a way to open the DMV lot on Broderick between Oak and Fell to parking again during non-business hours.

The lot was open in the late-1990s, but due (as always) to too many people not getting their cars out in the morning, they just shut it down. And with that, dozens of nearby residents were forced back onto the streets to find overnight parking.

The NOPNA blog has info on a potential re-opening as well as a link to a survey that you should fill out to give the powers-that-be your $0.02 about how important it is for you or your friends to have more parking near the Divisadero corridor…

Public Parking in the DMV lot [NOPNA blog]


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  1. And watch Nopa’s business soar all the more! 🙂

    Sean at March 27th, 2007 at 8:14 pm ( )

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