Don't miss rally to support condominium conversion reform on Feb. 6th!

San Francisco will hold its annual condo conversion lottery one week from now, on Feb. 6th – if this is of interest to you,  you might want to show up and let them know that this outdated lottery method unfairly penalizes first time homeowners.  Join organizers Plan C and the SF TIC Coalition at this rally to support condominium conversion reform. Peet’s coffee will be waiting for you, provided by Plan C, as well as petitions for you to sign to let

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San Francisco One step away from becoming Solar City

Earlier this month San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commission approved a plan to grant healthy incentives to help cover the costs of installation for solar panels. The plan, would grant between $3000 – $5000 per private residence, depending on whether you use a local installer and how close you are to a local power plant, and $10,000 per business. I’m not clear on whether the myriad of non-profit Home Owner Associations throughout the city qualify under the business category, but one

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