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Discussion Tuesday on Proposed Divisadero Transit Changes

One of the transportation elements, and possibly the most controversial (due to the parking restrictions) of the very impressive Divisadero Streetscape Renewal is up for discussion this coming Tuesday. The city is inviting anyone with an interest to come hear the proposal and weigh in – or forever hold your peace.
Improving transit service along the street is one of the goals of this project. The 24 Divisadero bus line currently averages only 5.4 mph in this area due to traffic congestion, so part of the overall proposal includes a part time transit lane in the southbound direction from Fulton Street to Oak Street. To create space for this lane, which can also be used by taxis and right turning traffic, no parking would be allowed Monday to Friday on the west side of the street from Fulton to Hayes between 4 and 7pm. The existing tow-away lane from Hayes to Oak would be extended one hour.

The proposal is to install the transit lane this year to see how it works before the streetscape improvements occur in 2009. We will monitor how the change affects transit and traffic, and feedback w ill be solicited from people in the area so that the design can be modified and improved as necessary. We understand that there are tradeoffs involved with this proposal and want to work with you to determine the best design.

We invite you to a meeting to discuss the details of the proposal and to answer any questions you may have.

The meeting will take place at:
Club Waziema, 543 Divisadero Street
Tues June 10, 5pm to 6:30pm

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