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San Francisco Median Price Changes Since 1993

Median prices are generalities, and may not reflect changes in value for specific properties — especially in a city with so many real estate micro-climates. For example, though median prices peaked in 2007 for theĀ city, some neighborhoods peaked in 2006, while others peaked in 2008. Median price is that price at which half of the sales occurred for more and half for less, and may be affected by other factors besides changes in value.


New Study Analyzes Traffic Around Former Central Freeway

Image: SFCTA

The Central Freeway sections damaged by the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989 have been replaced by such a distinctive Octavia Boulevard, for many San Franciscans the double-decked behemoth that used to dominate the neighborhood has become a distant memory. Most of the traffic the freeway carried, however, has not disappeared and now city planners are tracking its displacement on city streets and devising scenarios for reducing it to make surrounding neighborhoods more hospitable to transit, pedestrians and cyclists.

New Study Analyzes Traffic Around Former Central Freeway []