Building an Arts Community in Portola District

Plano de San Francisco

Actually I think the couple profiled, Kate Connell and Oscar Melara,  in this SF Chronicle Article did much more than build an arts community in the Portola, I think they helped build community in the area and awareness create of the district through their efforts: First they offered their house as a polling place, by way of a “community engagement installation,” as Connell describes it. Then they collected oral histories from voters they met while staffing the polls. Those led

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Metreon scores big-box Target

Shoppers could be finding the deal on Aisle 4 of a Target store in the Metreon as soon as early 2012 now that the project has gained approval. On Tuesday, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency unanimously approved the plans Target needed to build its 100,000-square-foot store on the first and second floors of the Metreon, which has been plagued by vacancies the past year. The latest approval means the Metreon sign will be replaced with Target’s signature bull’s-eye signage. Metreon

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Still another weekend to hit the Elle Decor’s Designer Showcase

I enjoy hitting the design showcase homes every year, and it’s always interesting to see a new one show up in surprising neighborhoods. The current showcase is by Elle Decor and located in St. Francis Wood, rather than in or near Pacific Heights where so many past showcases have appeared.  They also tried to create a story: But the Elle Decor Designer Showhouse, which opened to the public last weekend, took a different approach, asking the 11 design firms that

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