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Estimated Monthly Payment Chart

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this example an extra $8580 in pocket a year.  


Inman Connect and the Power of Habit

Final day at Inman Connect, Charles Duhigg speaks about his book “The Power of Habit”


Yes, I suppose I try to make a habit of following the trends in Real Estate and technology, as I enjoy it. So this year at Inman Real Estate Connect San Francisco I did pick up lots of tips and tech news to integrate into my business and share with my colleagues, but I also enjoyed one of the last speakers of the conference which had nothing to do with technology per se.

Charles Duhigg spoke to us about his book “The Power of Habit” and as a talented presenter, illustrated his points through compelling stories. I am fascinated by how our minds work and how we can change, not just our minds, but our behaviors so I was thrilled to hear that we are most flexible during times of big transitions. So when we are getting married, divorced, having a child or moving, these can all be times of greater openness to changing habits.

In real estate, we say that we aren’t just selling a property, but a lifestyle.  And it turns out that we could be right if our clients embrace that!  Perhaps that new community you purchase your home is very walkable and you move from driving everywhere to doing most of your errands on foot or bike.  Or you create a new habit to run in the park that your new house is three blocks away from.  It is fun to think about it in those terms.

Want to get a jumpstart on creating new habits?  Here’s a flowchart from “The Power of Habit

I’m going to listen to a piece from This American Life based on a story from the book and pick up a copy of the book!

Rita Roti is a broker associate / assistant manager at Zephyr Real Estate and can be reached at


Rita Roti is a broker associate / assistant manager at Zephyr and can be reached at