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‘Window comforters’ — SF’s next housing trend?

FULL disclosure, I haven’t tried these – nor have any of my clients yet.  In fact they just emailed me today and I jumped all over it simply because it looks like such a practical, cost effective (and and added green benefit) to a HUGE problem here in SF.   I’m definitely not getting any kickbacks from promoting them but I can see I may need to have a test window installed in one of my listings – you know – for market research.  The company is from Portland, which already makes me like them even more….oh, those Portlandian’s always coming up with practical green solutions.  Here’s the unedited full on sales pitch…

Year-round chill poses an ongoing problem for Bay Area residents. Many of us have beautiful vintage windows that are often drafty and poorly insulated, especially notable when the weather turns cold. Indow Windows are snap-in ‘window comforters’ that provide the benefits of double-paned windows at 15% of the cost–and preserve Victorian charm. Indows are thermal inserts that are laser-tailored to each unique window and can ‘snap-in’ to existing frame interiors without structural alteration. As a result, Indows keep homes warm, slash energy costs and reduce noise pollution by up to 70%.