Living Large in Micro-Housing

A trend is spreading across the country, less square footage is more living. As a raging housing market battles for competitive square foot prices, behind the front-lines, a transition targeting quality of life supplied by ease and simplicity stands. San Francisco, Fort Worth and New York City are carrying a new American lifestyle, living large in micro-housing. Tiny house architects and dwellers alike are prioritizing freedom from tiresome property management, favoring an affordable lifestyle choice. The micro-housing movement is a

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Public Housing, Community Friend or Foe?

Affordable housing in San Francisco may be an urban legend. Since 2000 the Bayview Hunter’s Point Community Revitalization Concept Project Area Committee has started to write history. Striving to return balance to a desperate community, historically labeled by crime, gang activity and under employment, the Project Area Committee (PAC) has stepped forward to repair these neighborhoods. Drawing in hungry developers with the promise of $95million residential construction contracts, the committee has lobbied on behalf of this struggling environment. The project

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8 Washington Street- War or Progress?

On November 5th, voters will decide the fate of the more than three year battle over waterfront parcel 8 Washington Street in San Francisco’s renowned Financial District. A proposal to build a mixed-use, twelve story building has been approved by The Board of Supervisor’s, however local neighbors are putting up a fight. The grassroots group, “No Wall on the Northeast Waterfront” collected over 30,000 signatures in just 30 days to admit the controversial initiative onto the ballot. Now San Francisco

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