“And So She Handled It” – A Review of Meredith Martin

meredith-martin-1013-cabrillo-san-franciscoFinding the perfect new home can be one of the most trying experiences in a lifetime. But if you’re lucky enough to be hunting in San Francisco, finding the right real estate agent is a breeze. Her name is Meredith Martin, and her clients are lining up to sing her praises. Jennifer Sams, one of Meredith’s many clients-turned-friends, is one of them.

The pair met through a mutual friend, and Jennifer was impressed from the very beginning. “She was not what I was expecting,” Jennifer explains, “in that she was super personable. And rather than feeling like it was a business transaction, her top concern and priority seemed to be, ‘what’s going to work best for you, and where are you going to be happiest?’ ”

It was that level of care and concern for Jennifer and her husband that characterized the entire experience. The couple had returned to San Francisco after living in New York and were investigating home ownership for the first time. “It was really intense because it was in the middle of the recession so the economy was in bad shape, and we had just relocated,” says Jennifer. “Aside from just the normal stresses of buying our first home, it was the stress of living and working and figuring things out. Meredith was just there every step of the way.”

Jennifer and her husband spent some time seriously considering a single-family home by the ocean. But one of the best things about Meredith is her intuition. She has a knack for recognizing what a client really needs in a home. “She definitely sensed some hesitation from us, that we weren’t necessarily comfortable and getting nervous about being so far out,” says Jennifer. “And so she handled it.”

Meredith showed the couple a condo in the city, despite their earlier decision about pursuing a single-family home. “At that point, we had spent a lot of time together, and we were getting to know one another and she was spending a lot of time figuring out who we were and what we needed and where we were going to be happy. So she showed us the condo on Cabrillo and as soon as we walked it, it was like, perfection. She knew. She understood what we needed and she knew the other house wasn’t the right place for us.”

When the time came to sell the perfect condo for a relocation to Michigan, Meredith was an obvious choice. “I have worked now with real estate agents here in the state of Michigan,” says Jennifer, “and it doesn’t even compare. In fact, when we were buying our house out here, I was involving her. I was sending her paperwork, I was sending her prices. Meredith stayed with us every step of the way. Her intelligence and her perspective on things was invaluable.”

That’s the kind of thing that sets Meredith apart from the many, many agents in San Francisco. You can trip over agents in this city who have decades of experience, but beyond her professional merits, Meredith brings a level of perception and honesty and responsibility that you just can’t fake. “No bull shit with her,” Jennifer laughs. “She really cares.” And it’s true. Every client matters to Meredith.

“She’s going to get you what you need and what you want,” says Jennifer. “You don’t have to second guess your decision about working with her. She’s a diamond, for sure. She’s exceptional.”

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