Flat Home Sales in San Francisco, And What That Really Means


Newly minted millionaires from several anticipated Initial Public Offerings are big news these days in the Bay Area, and anyone paying the least bit of attention knows why. Coupled with the recent drop in interest rates, this anticipation is adding pressure to an already undersupplied housing stock. But according to the data thus far, sales of homes in San Francisco have been flat.  By the Numbers Core Logic, a data firm in Orange County, ran the numbers for a recent report

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Real Talk – What Will Upcoming IPOs Do to the Bay Area Housing Market?


I got a text the other day from a friend with a great question – in light of the upcoming IPOs (initial public offering) everyone keeps talking about, she asked if it would be wise to wait to put her property on the market. And she’s not alone – this is the topic du jour with our sellers, our buyers, and agent to agent. Timing the Market I’ve learned (the hard way) not to counsel people into trying to timethe market.

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Understanding Market Price and Market Value


Kai is my best friend Cheryl’s cat, and she reminds me of an important marketing lesson. Despite all the costly, tricked-out toys my friend has purchased for her over the years, much to her chagrin, the toy Kai enjoys the absolute most is Cheryl’s discarded cardboard boxes. The marketing lesson in that is this: The cost of an item is only of value when someone understands cost or values the cost of that substance. This is particularly true in the world of real

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IPOs, IPOs Everywhere and Not a House to Buy


Compass Chief Strategist Dr. Selma Hepp and Patrick Carlise share their thoughts on the potential for another ‘renaissance’ in Bay Area housing as a direct result of a handful of tech “Initial Public Offers,” otherwise known as IPOs, expected to go public in 2019. Curbed SF probably wrote the most measured coverage and can be read here,  but read on for the highlights. Another Shift in Market Dynamics Here’s a realtor’s twist on the Chinese proverb. The best time to buy a

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