Gold Rush Real Estate: Then & Now

  When writer Bayard Taylor arrived in San Francisco by ship in the summer of 1849 and began chronicling the Gold Rush economy in his dispatches for the New-York Daily Tribune, he feared nobody would believe him. The imbalance of supply and demand for basic essentials — food, tools, clothing, equipment — was riding high, driving prices to astronomical levels–   “There were reports of canteens charging a dollar for a slice of bread or two if it was buttered, the

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Million Dollar Affordable Housing. Only in San Francisco.

  No San Francisco neighborhood has so squarely positioned itself at the epicenter of opposition to rising housing costs than the Mission District. Of course, housing un-affordability is but one of many rapid changes in the neighborhood, and seeking legislative action is but one response (sidebar: remember when protestors were blocking tech shuttles?) — and median home prices have soared 76% citywide since 2011! For now, let’s take a focused look at some of the real estate sales dynamics in the Mission.

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Battle of the Blogs Part Deux: Nightline ABC tonight

So even though they cut my section – editor’s prerogative – we are fully endorsing checking out Nightline on ABC tonight as they are interviewing a certain housing bubble blogger vs Ken Rosen, a professor and chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate at the University of California at Berkeley, who said Killelea’s math is wrong. “The advice not to buy a house is very bad advice.” Should be interesting. Watch the story tonight on “Nightline” at 11:35 p.m.

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