Scientists Study How Room Designs Affect your Work and Mood

While it’s not exactly a scientific study of Feng Shui as the Chinese practice it, research is beginning to prove how room qualities such as ceiling height, views, and type of light affect peoples moods, ability to socialize, and critical thinking.   All of which lend more weight to what artists and stagers have long known… Architects have long intuited that the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But now, half a century after Salk’s inspiring excursion,

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Feng Shui for Architecture Design and Environment

Feng Shui often gets a bad rap among conservatives, mostly in my opinion, for good reason. The little chimes and Ba-Gua’s most people use are nothing more than superstition, although the information they attempt to mimic is rooted in science that has been studied….well, for a long long time. Why did I start to pay attention to Feng Shui?  Because as a real estate agent, I noticed, after a while – that certain properties, seemed to go on the market

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