Renovations, Upgrades, and Market Value


Here’s an unfortunate truth about the delicate business of pricing a beautifully renovated home to sell – it’s not necessarily a matter of simple arithmetic. It would be great if you could take your purchase price and tack on the cost of that renovation to get a starting number, but it just doesn’t work that way. When it comes to home valuation, the market simply doesn’t care about the specifics. What the market perceives as value isthe value. And that’s a

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San Francisco Remodeling Cost Vs. Value, 2015

  Even with San Francisco real estate prices at record highs and among the most expensive in the country, flipping properties is still both profitable and fairly common. Many properties that appear on the market as fixers over the past few years have returned and been resold as renovated (if not completely rebuilt) turn-key homes. Here’s a home in Noe Valley, purchased for $1,575,000 in 2012 that was flipped and sold in June 2015 for $7,000,000 (of course, well over

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San Francisco Real Estate and the Holidays

Are you thinking of buying or selling your home? Perhaps you’re expanding and considering your current home as an investment property and entering it in the rental market? The 4th quarter is historically filled with low-inventory and quiet real estate offices. The holidays are a wonderful time to begin exploring your options. To begin, set your financial house in order. File tax returns early to ease the process and align with a trusted mortgage lender. Connect with your financial planner

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Thinking of Remodeling? The Value of Home Improvement – Part 1

Smart upgrades are worth it. Every year a company called Cost vs. Value,  releases a national survey comparing the cost of some of the most popular remodels to value received at resale.  Costs are set up on a per region basis, with San Francisco falling under the Pacific (which includes Oregon and Washington states).  The caveat if you are a city homeowner is, everything in San Francisco is going to be more expensive than our regional aggregate. The annual survey

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Home Projects That Are Worth Remodeling

Remodeling, Addition & Replacement Costs & Percentage Recouped Upon Sale The 22nd annual, Remodeling- Cost vs. Value report has been released for 2009/2010. The report consist of the relationship between remodeling costs and resale value by comparing national and regional averages for 33 popular remodeling projects. This is what Hanley Wood, LLC had to say about the San Francisco averages.

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