Intuition & Focus – A Review of Meredith Martin


When it comes time to sell or buy in the Bay Area, a handful of names consistently come up. Meredith Martin and CeCe Blaise are usually among them. So when Patti Conway inherited a 1920s home that she didn’t want to keep, a referral to the perfect agent duo was quickly forthcoming. It wasn’t just their shared track record that made Meredith and CeCe such a good fit. “Meredith is just adorable,” laughs Patti. “She’s someone I would want to

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Intuition, Good Juju & Candor – A Review of Meredith Martin


In 2006, it was pure luck that led Jennifer Hwang to partner with Meredith Martin on the purchase of a condo in San Francisco. And not only was in the beginning of a vibrant agent/client relationship that continues to this day, it was also the start of a real friendship. It’s that kind of authenticity and thoughtfulness that sets Meredith apartin an industry that has its share of short-term, all-about-the-bottom-line relationships. But that’s really just the beginning. “One of the

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“And So She Handled It” – A Review of Meredith Martin


Finding the perfect new home can be one of the most trying experiences in a lifetime. But if you’re lucky enough to be hunting in San Francisco, finding the right real estate agent is a breeze. Her name is Meredith Martin, and her clients are lining up to sing her praises. Jennifer Sams, one of Meredith’s many clients-turned-friends, is one of them.

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