Living Large in Micro-Housing

A trend is spreading across the country, less square footage is more living. As a raging housing market battles for competitive square foot prices, behind the front-lines, a transition targeting quality of life supplied by ease and simplicity stands. San Francisco, Fort Worth and New York City are carrying a new American lifestyle, living large in micro-housing. Tiny house architects and dwellers alike are prioritizing freedom from tiresome property management, favoring an affordable lifestyle choice. The micro-housing movement is a

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San Francisco School District Releases Boundary Map and Delays Middle School Feeder Plan

The public hearings are over, the feedback has been heard, and all that is left is final approval to the  school assignment  changes on Tuesday September 28th. From Jill Tucker at The San Francisco Chronicle How students are assigned to schools is historically the most controversial issue related to the city’s public schools, and this new plan is no exception. Parents for years have called for a replacement for the current system, one that would be easier to understand and give them

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