Liveable SF: Big Plans for Potrero Avenue

  What makes a neighborhood become more of a community? What does making a neighborhood more livable mean to you? To one of my neighbors, Gillian Gillet, it means long term projects with an end game that adds up to a more livable city for us all. From Gillian Gillet, Director of Transportation Policy: “As some of you may know, I’ve been active in trying to make our neighborhood more safe, livable and walkable since about 2002 when I began

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Cesar Chavez Street Improvement Project Honored

  Neighbors are celebrating the completion of the 3 year transformation of Cesar Chavez Street! It’s happening Wednesday, January 29th @ 11AM with  ribbon cutting celebration for the safety and street scape improvement project. Re-named Cesar Chavez Street in 1995 to reflect the passion and cultural shift in the area, the avenue’s original name Army Street,was first designed as a car-centric thoroughfare to connect Twin Peaks and western San Franciscans to a second Trans Bay Bridge development. Years ago, the city and environmentalists shot

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Takin' It To The Streets

City officials decided to shave costs, given the city’s huge budget deficit and Muni’s fiscal problem, by cutting street sweeping in more than 20 neighborhoods, in August, but what they didn’t anticipate was the loss of almost four times more money than it saved. City officials knew the change would lead to a loss in revenue from parking tickets but are they willing to keep with the trend? If so, the transit agency will be out more than $3.8 million

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