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Intuition & Focus – A Review of Meredith Martin


When it comes time to sell or buy in the Bay Area, a handful of names consistently come up. Meredith Martin and CeCe Blaise are usually among them. So when Patti Conway inherited a 1920s home that she didn’t want to keep, a referral to the perfect agent duo was quickly forthcoming. It wasn’t just their shared track record that made Meredith and CeCe such a good fit. “Meredith is just adorable,” laughs Patti. “She’s someone I would want to

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Five Surface Trends for 2019


Options for flooring, walls, and countertops are virtually limitless, but the latest crop of designer darlings are showing admirable staying power – useful information for those of you planning home upgrades with the hopes of selling in the near future (particularly in a market like San Francisco). At the International Surface Event 2019 in Las Vegas, geometric designs, luxurious vinyl, and refined faux hardwood porcelain tiles were everywhere – but that’s not all. Thanks to Houzz for the round-up of these

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San Francisco Migration Trends – Coming & Going


A poll conducted in June 2018 showed that almost half of those living in the Bay Area want to leave. And that’s despite the booming job market and the natural beauty of this part of the world. The biggest reason? You guessed it – the high cost of housing. We’re familiar with San Francisco residents packing up and moving out, and while some folks keep going until they cross the state line – with Nevada, Oregon, and Texas proving to be

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Intuition, Good Juju & Candor – A Review of Meredith Martin


In 2006, it was pure luck that led Jennifer Hwang to partner with Meredith Martin on the purchase of a condo in San Francisco. And not only was in the beginning of a vibrant agent/client relationship that continues to this day, it was also the start of a real friendship. It’s that kind of authenticity and thoughtfulness that sets Meredith apartin an industry that has its share of short-term, all-about-the-bottom-line relationships. But that’s really just the beginning. “One of the

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Median Home Prices & Average Closing Costs in SF and Around the Nation


Comparing median home prices here in California and around the country is a favorite pastime for many. Hey, we get it. An October 2018 housing report did all the heavy lifting, compiling both median home values and closing costs for 33 of the biggest metropolitan areas in the US. Let’s see how things stack up. Quick notes – the report used information from Zillow and Thumbtack, and while it was published in October, it used data from July of the

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