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Looking for the Right Home in the Bay Area? Start with the Right Agent


The internet is a wonderful, crazy thing. We have so much information at our fingertips! And assuming you use it sensibly, the web can be an excellent source of data when you’re house hunting here in San Francisco or anywhere around the world. But no matter how amazing the web can be, it’s no substitute for an agent who knows their territory. The right agent can help you identify – and buy – among all your choices the best home

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Moving? Staying? You Need These Tips for Spring Cleaning Either Way


Here’s something funny. I’ve heard people walking through their staged, hyper-clean, ready-to-show home admiring it like they haven’t lived there for the last twelve years. But you don’t have to wait until you’re actually leaving to be really impressed by your bright, clean, airy home. If you’re moving and doing everything under the sun to put your home’s best foot forward, or you just want to live in a beautiful, bright, clean space, you need these tips for spring cleaning.

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Climate Change and Bay Area Real Estate

A town in Louisiana is doing something groundbreaking in the face of climate change. Forty residents of Pecan Acres will be the among the first climate refugees in the country, as the state uses some $12 million in federal funds – specifically, community development block grants for disaster relief – to demolish the old homes destroyed in annual floods, and relocate the entire town to higher ground. In the process they’ll restore the original wetlands which will help protect the surrounding communities. 

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Flat Home Sales in San Francisco, And What That Really Means


Newly minted millionaires from several anticipated Initial Public Offerings are big news these days in the Bay Area, and anyone paying the least bit of attention knows why. Coupled with the recent drop in interest rates, this anticipation is adding pressure to an already undersupplied housing stock. But according to the data thus far, sales of homes in San Francisco have been flat.  By the Numbers Core Logic, a data firm in Orange County, ran the numbers for a recent report

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Real Talk – What Will Upcoming IPOs Do to the Bay Area Housing Market?


I got a text the other day from a friend with a great question – in light of the upcoming IPOs (initial public offering) everyone keeps talking about, she asked if it would be wise to wait to put her property on the market. And she’s not alone – this is the topic du jour with our sellers, our buyers, and agent to agent. Timing the Market I’ve learned (the hard way) not to counsel people into trying to timethe market.

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