San Francisco Migration Trends – Coming & Going

poll conducted in June 2018 showed that almost half of those living in the Bay Area want to leave. And that’s despite the booming job market and the natural beauty of this part of the world. The biggest reason? You guessed it – the high cost of housing.

We’re familiar with San Francisco residents packing up and moving out, and while some folks keep going until they cross the state line – with Nevada, Oregon, and Texas proving to be the most popular out-of-state destinations – many are just moving to anther county. These migration trends show us who’s going where.

Coming & Going in San Francisco

For all the locals leaving the city, there are lots of people making their way in. Folks from Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda counties make up the majority of those relocating to San Francisco.

On their way, they’re probably passing people relocating to Alameda and San Mateo counties – some 20,000 people are estimated to leave the city annually for these regions.

Coming & Going in Marin County

The numbers are much more lopsided here, with well more than twice the number of people leaving San Francisco annually for Marin than leaving Marin for San Francisco.

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